Know the differences between nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners.

KSugar is a common component of our normal diet, and is also a major contributing factor to a number of health issues. As we’ve started to understand the dangers of sugar and its link to health issues like coronary heart ailment, weight problems and much more– especially in our contemporary world of overconsumption, more alternative sweeteners and sugar substitutes have risen in

Explore the relation between taste and nutrition

A consumer’s desire is that food should be highly delicious, heavenly, appetizing, delectable, luscious, savory, scrumptious, tasty and healthy. However, we face a daily reality such that delicious food isn’t always nutritious. With the way of life and food habits that have been instilled in most of us, it is hard to discover nutritious food delicious.

Can’t stop eating sugar – these signs may prove that you are a sugar addict.

Is there always a need for something sweet after a meal?  Can’t stop eating sugar once you start?   If your answers to all the above questions are ‘YES’, then you do have a sugar addiction problem and need a dietary change as soon as possible.  Sugar addiction is an increasingly common addiction and beyond question sugar is the most addictive substance in our food today.


HEALTHY VALENTINE’S MONTH SPECIAL DESSERTS FOR HEALTHY HEARTS!  People around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day by showing gratefulness to the ones they love or adore. While love should be celebrated every day, this special day acts like an occasion to do something special for your better half – starting from fancy dinner dates to exotic holidays and gifting expensive jewellery to