What’s your biggest nightmare when it comes to eating food? Is it sugar or food that’s coated with sugar?  Have you already given up eating or adding sugar in your food? If you say yes, then it is not surprising since the negative health effects of sugar are no more a secret. They are no more things to be told only to a diabetic patient inside a doctor’s clinic. Besides doubling up your blood sugar level, sugar can increase the chance of heart related diseases too. And yes, you should start avoiding it at any cost!

But here comes the dilemma! What’s the best substitute to sugar? Should you sacrifice your taste buds for your health? Should you say no to your favourite kheer every time your mom prepares for you? Avoiding sweetness for good is totally a personal decision, but what if you can still savour your favourite sweet dish without adding sugar to it? Yes, by now we all know that there are healthy natural alternative to sugar and they provide all the goodness of taste without giving you any health worries. In fact, they provide many health benefits and below are the most prominent ones. Let’s explore.

What is natural sweetener?

Natural sweeteners are sugar substitutes which provide similar taste as sugar but they have significantly less calorific value than sugar. However, don’t get confused between artificial and natural sweeteners. Many of the self-proclaimed sweeteners available in market today are made by using refined white sugar, sucralose, and aspartame. And they are certainly not natural! Our blog will help you understand the different kinds of artificial sweeteners and their impact on health. (give the link of the previous blog). Out of all the natural and healthy sweeteners available, Stevia based sweeteners can be regarded as the healthiest ones. Because Stevia is an all-natural sweetener, extracted from the leaves of Stevia plant. Stevia based artificial sweeteners have innumerable amount of health benefits. We have listed the most prominent ones below, check them out and decide why you would want to replace that bottle of sugar with a bottle of Swee10.

Controls weight gain: Since stevia sweeteners are zero or low in calories, it helps people control their weight significantly. Stevia sweeteners add sugar like sweetness without actually adding calorific value of sugar to your food. In fact, one gm of Swee10 provides you sweetness that equals to two tea spoon full of sugar and zero calories. Henceforth, these sweeteners are extremely beneficial for a person who wants to lose weight, and who watches what they eat.

Controls blood sugar levels: High blood sugar level causes serious health issues in the long run that include heart related issues, kidney failure, damage to our blood vessels, diabetes and even vision problems. And it goes by the saying that prevention is better than treatment, and that’s why it’s mandatory for all of us to cut down sugar intake. Natural Stevia based sweeteners give us the option of enjoying the sweet delicacies without increasing our blood sugar levels and thus, they are better than sugar for obvious reason.

Provides you the sweetness of life without sugar: Sweetness has a special place in our life. No Indian celebration can be completed without the presence of sweets.  Some people crave for sugar. This is because sugar consumption releases serotonin, the chemical in our brains that makes us happy. And you can still be happy and enjoy your favourite festivals by not avoiding sweetness but sugar. And the only way to do is by replacing sugar with natural sweeteners.

They are less processed: Many chemicals are used in food processing technology and some of them such as sulphur dioxide, phosphoric acid and calcium hydroxide are extremely harmful for health. And you would be surprised to know that many of natural sweeteners are made by using extremely less food processing techniques and thus they avoid using such chemicals in the process.

Now you know why using natural sweetener is certainly a safer option than using over processed white sugar in your food.

Natural Stevia sweeteners have gained much prominence in today’s world as they are assumed as the best substitute for sugar. Swee10 is a Stevia based sweetener, which is 100% natural and has zero calories. Additionally, Swee10 does not contain chemicals such as dextrose, isomaltose or maltodextrin, and that makes it the healthiest natural sweetener available in market today. Try Swee10 today.