Eating is essential for all living beings. The food contains nutrients and calories that are required to produce heat and energy and also contains harmful chemicals, bacteria, and parasites. To help with our food choices we have the senses of taste and smell. And one of the abilities of our taste buds is sensing the taste of bitterness.


Bitterness is described as a strong disagreeable flavor that is neither salty nor sour. The unwanted bitter taste in the mouth is caused by GERD or acid reflux and this leaves a bitter taste in the mouth which may persist for a long time.

Bitterness is found in a wide variety of plants, food, and beverages because of its phenolic compounds Food sources such as cabbages, turnips, Brussels sprouts, grapefruits, oranges, wine, tea, cocoa, coffee, and many more food sources.  Sugar substitutes do contain a unique bitter after taste.

Effects on health:

Bitter foods contain very little healthful compounds between nutrient and drugs.

It is equated with dietary danger, it signals toxicity leading to loss of appetite, lowers blood sugar levels, causes a stroke or heart attack. In children, the bitterness cause vomiting and diarrhea.

A brief on bitterness found in artificial sweeteners:

Artificial sweeteners are deemed and are dangerous to health; they are the top antonyms for bitterness. The big bad wolf here is its bitterness or the after effect. Artificial sweeteners do not have any magic bullets to good health but have the opposite.

One such artificial sweetener and was the first to be used is aspartame and was used in diet coke. Diet soda is used to lose weight, but not really, it does cause weight gain which leads to obesity even if it is substituted with a sweetener. They have no health benefits, 40 people in the US have 1 dose of artificial sweetener every day. Unfortunately, there is no go of weight gain, but an invite to weight gain.  

 The side-effects of using an artificial sweetener with a bitter after taste are

  • Stimulates the blood and promote a response in the body that confuses it.
  • It causes rewiring and meddles with the brain chemistry and metabolism.
  • Increases your appetite.
  • Makes you gain weight.
  • Reduces body temperatures.
  • Some artificial sweeteners break down into chlorine too
  • A study on diet coke shows that the belly size increases 5 times if 2 diet sodas are consumed     every day and it causes diabetes, brain tumor, kidney stones, every diet soda is consumed the  weight gained is 21 %.

A brief about the Natural sweetener with no bitterness:

Stevia nature’s best alternative to sugar with absolutely no aftertaste or any calories whatsoever. And Swee10 was created using Stevia.

A brief about Stevia:

 Stevia has a glycoside molecule that generates the bitter aftertaste that limited its commercial values but now it solved because researchers like Mudgal and his colleagues used a different channel to dissolve the bitterness.

One of stevia’s main components is rebaudioside also known as Reb A, it a glycoside molecule that gives the sweet sugary taste. Reb-A activates two bitter receptors that are responsible for the taste on our taste buds, Reb A was corrected by using a “hydrophobic effects” in the bovine serum albumin protein, this stabilizes the Reb A-protein complex, and typically vanishes the Reb-A molecular components, this is recognized by the receptors on the tongue and does not generate the after taste. This was tested with orange juice and received a thumbs up.

The amazing health benefits

Swee10, controls diabetics and obesity, reduces blood pressure, does not cause cancer (A few caused by excess sugar and artificial sweeteners), keeps a check on the children’s diet, good for the teeth, easy on digestion, protects the heart, inhibits tumor growth, prevents fatty liver, reduces blood sugar and reduces kidney damage.

So choose right as little details make a big difference.