Is there always a need for something sweet after a meal? 

Can’t stop eating sugar once you start? 

 If your answers to all the above questions are ‘YES’, then you do have a sugar addiction problem and need a dietary change as soon as possible. 

Sugar addiction is an increasingly common addiction and beyond question sugar is the most addictive substance in our food today. It leads to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, weight gain and type 2 diabetes. 

It is very important to identify the signs of sugar addiction and bring in dietary changes for good health. 

Now, how do you identify those signs?  

We have compiled a few signs that will help you identify if you are addicted to sugar or not – 

1. You have a Sweet Tooth 

Eating sugar stimulates the pleasure center of the brain, thus people with a “sweet tooth” crave sugar and their bodies become physically addicted to sugar. 

2. You have an unusual binge craving  

Binging on sugary foods uncontrollably is a sugar addiction. You can get high by consuming large amounts of sugar. A need for more and more sugar in order to stay high is surely an addiction. 

After a sugar binge, your blood sugar spikes, it activates and rewards the system in the brain. Unfortunately, when it falls, you feel an intense craving for sugar to drive it back up again, thus leading to an addiction. 

4. You love  carbs  

Sugar comes in various forms, and this is something that people should not forget. The primary source of fuel for our body is derived from all forms of carbohydrates. And simple carbs such as white bread, white rice and white pasta are full of sugar.S 

These carbohydrates are processed into sugar very quickly by the body which in turn disrupts the blood sugar, thus making the body depend on sugar for fuel, and this sign qualifies as one of the signs of sugar addiction.  

3. You feel drowsy without sugar 

Excess sugar consumption impacts our blood sugar and that in turn impacts our energy levels. Feeling good at specific times in a day and extremely fatigue at other times is another sign that you’re addicted to sugar.  

After large amounts of sugar or a diet rich in carbohydrates is consumed, our body reacts by producing insulin to metabolize the sugar in the blood.  The high inflow of sugar, boost the energy levels, followed by a dip or crash once the sugar drops in the bloodstream leaving you feel tired.  

The constant dip and spike makes you crave for more in order to bring back the lost energy, thus making you a sugar addict. 

Regardless of the above mentioned signs, there also signs such as: 

  1. The want for sweet after every meal 
  1. Love for starchy food 
  1. Moods 
  1. Withdrawal systems 

In case, you have experienced any of the above dramatic events, then you can be crowned as a sugar addict. The solution to this addiction is, change your eating style and get wiser with your choices. 

A few tips for your dietary change 

  1. Swap added sugars with natural sugar substitutes. 
  1. Eat protein rich breakfast 
  1. Eat regular meals 
  1. Eat loads of fruits and veggies, best source of natural sugar. 
  1. Read our blog on “How to control your sugar cravings”. 

Sugar addiction is no joke. Your brain cells can rewire themselves craving for sugar, leaving you with withdrawal symptoms when you don’t get enough. 

Do not make drastic changes, they wouldn’t work. Make small changes in your diet, they have a huge impact. 

 * Craving, Binge, Withdrawal, and Behavioral Sensitization are terms used in sugar addiction.